Energy industry.


We optimise, you save.

Added value for customers

  • Concentration on core business
  • Optimal contract design and conditions
  • Transparency through daily energy cost reporting
  • Management of your energy costs
  • Detailed controlling and reporting
  • Liquidity preservation

There is nothing more constant than change. This is especially true for pricing policy in the energy sector. Anyone who wants to make the best possible use of potential energy savings when purchasing energy should be able to track and re-evaluate developments on the electricity and heating markets at any time.

Our team of experts ensures that your energy purchasing remains calculable. We compare energy prices and exploit optimisation potential in the business sector, by analysing contracts and billing, and monitoring terms and deadlines. What quantities are actually required? Which conditions can be negotiated? Can purchasing advantages be generated by creating energy pools? We clarify these and other questions for you, pooling energy to optimise costs, ensure transparency, administration, and digitisation of commercial processes.

While the energy consumption of a property may no longer negotiable, the costs are.