Energieeffizienter Betrieb

Energy-efficient operations.

Using technology wisely.

Added value for customers

  • Concentration on core business
  • Energy-oriented operator concept
  • Reduced costs and improved operation security
  • Maintaining quality levels and obligation to provide proof
  • Full documentation
  • Liquidity preservation
  • Reduced illness-related absence and employee turnover

According to current estimations, around 10 per cent of technical building systems in Germany maintain maximum energy efficiency during operations. There’s room for improvement. After all, most properties conceal high savings potential which could be exploited through optimised modes of operation alone.

Expertise and high process security are the most important success factors here. We can provide you with on-site support: we develop standards for commissioning and sustainable operations management, train operational units, provide advice on system optimisation and develop a strategy for long-term reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs.