Public Projects

Energy Efficiency goes public

Schools, public authorities, universities, administrative buildings and other public institutions are jointly financed by all of us. And so that none of this valuable taxpayers' money goes up in smoke unnecessarily, the COC takes care of efficiency and sustainability in energy and building technology, for the benefit of all!

Customer References

  • Bürohaus Alte Oper
  • Stadt Lohmar
  • Europäische Union
  • Fachgerichtszentrum Dresden
  • JVA Burg (PPP)
  • JuVZ Wiesbaden (PPP)
  • Schulen Halle (PPP)
  • Schulen Hof (PPP)
  • Polizei Wiesbaden
  • Stadt Hemer
  • Universität Mannheim

Energy Efficiency Services

  • Implementation of energy management within the framework of public private partnership (PPP) projects including energy consumption controlling, energy purchasing consultancy, as well as consulting services in the area of taxes, laws and subsidies.
  • Implementation of audits to maintain energy law compliance, including energy inspections in accordance with §12 of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)
  • Implementation of energy and specific technical analyses, such as compressed air, lighting, and HVAC, to determine the savings potentials within the context of energy consumption and cost-saving programs
  • Implementation of energy saving projects in various technical building trades within the framework of energy consumption and cost saving programs
  • Refurbishment of heat generation plants with operational management optimisation and energy supply in the municipal environment within the scope of a savings contracting
  • Creation of energy consumption and cost transparency through the implementation of our metering and monitoring solution enerlutec